Are Ballistic Vehicles Really Safe?


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It is common knowledge that there is an urgent need for more ballistic protected vehicles over time. Though importance is significantly evident from the term itself, not many people are aware of its loopholes and the danger behind those loopholes. So stated below are the few aspects that must be considered during the manufacturing of armored vehicles: 

Door Armoring 

Most of the ballistic vehicle manufacturers follow a usual process of placing various armed steel plates in the interior parts of the door. They usually use stitch welding processes, which strengthens the commonly kept plastic door handles and can be moved with minimal time and struggle.

The problem arises when there is a side explosion; it becomes difficult for the doors alone to handle that. This is because of the stitch welding process which is explained earlier. Further, the bolts added by the manufactures are also not apt enough. Within a small time frame itself, the stitches have the possibility to detach itself and get pushed inside the car, harming the individual sitting within. Hence, the strengthening of the doors is one aspect the manufactures need to look into when it comes to installation of ballistic protection in doors.      

Door Frames 

Not many individuals bother to put a metal layering in the door frames. The bullet-proof glass is taken care of but significant effort is not put in the door frames. This is because simple door frames are the simplest solution to quick installation. Hence, the same issue of the sides of the ballistic vehicles is repeated. While like the conventional method there should be frames in the exterior part of the vehicle, some protection must be offered in the interior of the car as well. 


As the name suggests, it is utilized for better blast protection but unfortunately, not many manufacturers use hot-forming armor steel technology. Others just make use of small mosaic-formed protection which is not much effective against these blasts.  

So all these nitty-gritty have to be taken into consideration when it comes to the purchase of the ballistic vehicle. In this regard, Ballistic protection vehicles at Troy armoring are manufactured using the avant-garde techniques and ensure all minute details are intently supervised and done properly. 

It is very important for a purchaser to know these safety issues during the manufacturing of a vehicle. Therefore, it is essential for a buyer to opt for the company that can ensure all these aspects are well taken care of.  


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