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There’s a belief that people are much more complicated than their looks. Well, guess what? Bikes too! From the late 1880s, when new internal combustion engines for two-wheelers were invented, countless designs of motorcycles have been customized with the existing technological advances. 

The majority are head-turning, while others are awe-striking (the ‘shocking’ department is relatively well-represented). With the ability to customize these machines according to individual choice, manufacturers have now more than ever taken the game a notch higher. One thing for sure, you will hardly come along these models at your local motorcycle trader. Grab a coffee and prepare to be amazed by these models. 

Predator Bike

To say unconventionally strange is an understatement. The predator bike is not something you see every month, let alone day. In fact, were it not for the advanced technology, I’d believe the monster was no more than a movie prop. However, it’s as real as it looks. Rigorously designed by New Jersey’s Pitstop Motors, the beast is said to have caused traffic on its first as other drivers and onlookers sought to quench their curiosity. It even earned its rider a ticket. In my opinion, it’s worth the ticket every darn inch. 

Watkins M001

Have you ever looked at a bike and couldn’t tell the front from the back? This beast is more fascinating than it is strange looking. Named after its creator, Jack Watkins, the M001 was inspired by the BMW Harrier – it even has its powertrain. Peeking at the parts will leave you wondering about its assembly but not only you but popularly word confirms it is an overly engineered piece of work. 

Indian FTR 1200 S

The Indian motorcycle has an outstanding racing track record. It is designed with a V-twin engine and a low cruiser stance. With about 1203 ccs and a torque of 123 hp, the FTR is a legal street-tracker. The model comes with manually adjustable traction control and ABS, making it convenient to play around with, on, and off-road. It is coupled with an Indian Ride Command LCD system that is chic and has an easy-to-control menu. 

Guilty Customs Lucille

The Lucille by Guilty Customs is an exquisite piece of work built for power and performance – and of course, an ego booster. It is customized with a designer front end, a 39’ Ford tail light, and a 260-millimeter rear tire with exhaust channels that scream efficiency and speed. Indeed, it is a sight to behold.

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