Car Scrap Removal in Toronto: 4 Things to Ensure a Successful Sale of Your Junk


Although it pains to let go of a car that has served you for years, it would be wise to make some cash out of it rather than letting it rot in your backyard. However, successful free car scrap removal depends on how you handle the whole process. It is, therefore, necessary to know how to go about car junk sales to ensure you get the most out of the sale.

  1. Getting The Best Price

What a car scrap removal company really buys is the value of the scrap metal in your car, including steel, copper, and aluminum. The scrap metal is sold to manufacturers who recycle the materials to produce building materials, new vehicles, wires, etc. Since you are looking to get the best price for your scrap car, it’s important to know the current rates for scrap metals before signing a deal with a car scrap buyer.

 Scrap metal prices vary with demand and supply and are subject to daily changes. Check the stock market, use applications, or consult metal scrap dealers to confirm the rates in your area. Additionally, keeping your scrap car for long only serves to deteriorate its parts and reduce its value even further.

  1. Find A Genuine Buyer

There several car junk buyers in Toronto and it’s upon you to evaluate them and confirm that indeed you are dealing with a legitimate car scrap company. You should look for a well-known company with several positive customer reviews on their website and social media pages. Additionally, compare offers from different companies to decide on the best deal for you. A genuine car scrap buyer will also give you authentic documents to seal the deal.

Although there are stringent rules that govern the car scrap industry, it’s common to come across unscrupulous dealers looking to take advantage of uninformed sellers. Be wary of a scrap company that pays in cash. The recommended forms of payment are bank transfer and business checks because it is easy to trace such transactions.

  1. Be Careful With The Paperwork And Legal Aspects

If you fail to correctly transfer the ownership of the car, you’ll be responsible for any unpaid taxes and fees associated with the vehicle. Proof of identity is a statutory requirement, and the scrap buyer will keep a copy of proof of your address and photo ID (driving license or passport). You should remain with the transfer of a vehicle or notification of the sale section of your car’s V5C certificate. The scrap company keeps a copy of the certificate to be used in generating the certificate of destruction (CoD) that exempts you from any responsibility for the vehicle.

  1. Be Wary Of Hidden Fees

Most companies state that their car scrap removal services are free. Nonetheless, it’s not surprising to discover a few hidden costs associated with some of these services.

You should partner with a transparent company that will divulge any charges that you are likely to incur during the car transfer. Common hidden fees that some companies charge to increase their profit margins include administrative fees and the cost of towing your car from your backyard or garage to the scrapyard. Work with a company that will not subject you to such hidden costs.


It’s highly advisable to sell your junk car when armed with the right information. Follow the above guide to ensure a seamless transfer process.

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