Easy Solutions to Car Door Problems


Among the several issues our car can face, problems with car doors need to be included as a pretty common one. It can start with a dead handle, or power locks going lifeless and sometimes the power windows not responding to the switches.

Though ageing and wearing could be the first thing to be considered as the foremost underlying reasons for the malfunctioning of car doors, there can be other reasons that can make the car doors unresponsive to the commands. Among several other possibilities, the most crucial one that needs to be checked is the set of controls that the car use to lock and unlock the doors and other functionalities like rolling up and down the power windows and opening/closing of the door with the right clicks. Hence, here we have a set of easy solutions to the car door problems suggested by the experts of the Hyundai maintenance near Pitman.

The Probable Problems

If all the doors of your car are locking and unlocking with the interior buttons but are not responding to the remote, then the problem can most likely be inside the “brains” that control the electric components of the door locks. If the doors fail to respond completely, the problem could be a blown out fuse or a false relay of a bad control module. The solution to this problem will lie in eliminatingthe locking solenoid as that could be the actual culprit behind these issues andreplacing the defective one with a new can make the doors start functioning immediately. For this all you have to do is following the steps described below:

Start with testing the solenoid. The lock solenoid will be securely placedwithin a bracket of the door panel fixed with a couple of small screws or bolts. Remove them to take it out.

Now you need to check out the back of any one of the solenoid connectors while pressing down the remote button. This needs repeated attempts to properly check each of the wires while pressing the button twice. If the solenoid is defective the test lights will lit-up during the testing. If this test does not show up any signals, the problem can either be in the interior wiring or in the control module itself.

There can also be issues with the door lock actuator and solenoid. To be sure, lift or depress the locking latch that is placed on the solenoid wiring connector and then pull out the connectors apart. Now install and start reconnecting the new solenoid.

To know if the issue is with the solenoid lock, start with attaching an alligator clip on the test light after placing it on a solid ground. Find out the solenoid lock and its wiring connector. Now start pushing the button on the remote softly and look for any movement in the actuator rod which is placed on the solenoid. If the solenoid starts buzzing or only starts clicking without any movement, know that it needs an immediate replacement, which can only be done by the professional mechanics, from a trusted place like the Pitman Hyundai service center.

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