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Every road user deserves to be safe when driving. That is why UAE has one of the best car tire shops across the continent and overseas.

Whenever we walk into any tire shop to place an order, we expect high confidence in reliability of customers to be of the quality of what we buy, and as well the services rendered.

Falken tires have steadily built a reputation of having world class engineering techniques in order to compete in modern day market competition.

The technology of automobiles continues to blossom and the company has imbibed a futuristic approach in manufacturing their products. This has however, actualized better driving experience for customers world-wide.

Falken Tyres a perfect for all terrains

All Falkenbrands perform excellently in any of the natural and man-made road with sheerpower, strength, and precision needed for total comfort, quality, and efficiency. Falken tyres can also perform inicy roads, muddy tracks, dirt roads, race tracks, and steeper terrains.


Falken tires are one of the best choices for driving despite its affordability and accessibility. They have also has been able to maintain a high level of quality standard in manufacturing, fittings and maintenance as well asdistribution.

They are very accessible with just a click away. Dubai Tyre Shop is your next stop shop for experiencing top notch services that will make customers certainly come back for more.

There is a good number of mouthwatering deals at your disposal when you search through the web pages. Both old and new customers will discover the perfect tire and fittings for you new car.


Falken tyre variants are known for their capability in withstanding cold weather and harsh environmental conditions. They also have made a significant change in shaking up the evolving tire industry with latest inventions for the race tracks appearing in a handful of racing competitions because of their endurance ability.

Looking at the models

Falken tires come in two subtypes which are Passenger tires and Commercial tires built for all-season experience and engineered for SEDANS and CUVs. The latter possesses the required specifications to handle heavy load bearings. These varieties are great for handling, silent motion and good brake traction.

These models are quite excellent cornering and swerving abilities and when the winter season comes knocking, Falken tires can perform well in rainy, slippery and icy surfaces. Below are some of them which can be found in Dubai Tyre Shop.

  • Azenis
  • WildPeak
  • Ziex


Falken premium tire brands can easily be found at Dubai Tyre Shops where customers are been treated to first-class services in both information on tires and purchase.  Dubai tyre shops will offer you a sound information on the right size, dimensions and fittings for customers to have a best knowledge of the perfect tire for their vehicles.

To get tire UAE, call on one of the help lines below for enquiries today.

 +971 5562 69517, +971 54420 4322.


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