Is Alfa Romeo Worth To Buy In 2020


Alfa Romeo is an Italian brand. The recognized car manufacturer “Fiat” is its parent company. Due to which there is a lot of similarity in terms of suspension, engine, transmission system, floorplan, etc. A lot of people are enthusiastic about buying this model. 

In this article, we will look at different aspects of the model to find out whether or not you should buy this model.

About Alfa Romeo Lineage

Alfa Romeo is one of the popular Italian brands that got popular for manufacturing gorgeous cars through all these years. This brand is recognized to produce cars with a sporty theme and incredible performances, on the roads as well as the racetracks.

Alfa Romeo became the subsidiary of the Fiat group in 1986. Since then, it’s conventionally body styling and powerful engine have combined with the well-organized suspension and transmission platforms of the parent firm.

Automoda is a Sydney-based Fiat and Alfa Romeo service center situated in Five Dock. The company has over thirty years of experience in repairing and servicing all types of Fiat models and Alfa Romeo. Click here to know more about their services. 

What are the different models of Alfa Romeo available in the market?

The complete range of Alfa Romeo comprises of various long-running models such as Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Giulietta, the Golf-sized Giulietta hatchback, and small-sized MiTo, the large-sized Giulia, the 4C sports car, 4×4 SUV. All these cars have got a sporting bent.

These models are closely aligned with the sporty heritage of Alfa Romeo. The Giulia has been the first-ever rear-wheel-drive saloon of the brand for decades. The Stelvio SUV is designed on the same platform.  The Stelvio is available with 4-wheel drive. 

Our Alfa Romeo Models Budget-Friendly?

After talking to a thousand owners of Alf Romeo models, and running a yearly car survey, we have obtained the data of this model. The price of the entry-level Alfa Romeo model i.e., the MiTo starts from as little as £14,000. The bigger models such as the Stelvio and the Giulia will cost around £30,000.  

True sporty models such as the 4C two-seater and the sturdy ‘Quadrifoglio’ varieties of the Stelvio, and Giulia cost more than £50,000. It has been observed that manufacturers of the Alfa Romeo model have not kept their value well. Leasing deals and PCP are costlier compared to its rivals. 

Are There Any Issues In This Model?

Owners of Alfa Romeo cars had experienced a few issues in its previous models such as the electrical systems of the car and the issues with its brake pad sensors. Due to these issues, it is important to perform regular maintenance. 

A few tips to maintain the car are:

  • Go through the maintenance manual and follow the instructions diligently. 
  • Change the oil at regular time intervals. 
  • Ensure that you the right type of oil. 
  • Go for the best fuel grade in the vehicle. 
  • Though Alfa Romeo models are known for their sporty style, it is important to be kind while driving the automobile. 
  • Do not exert excessive pressure on the breaks.
  • Be easy on the gears at the time you accelerate it. 
  • Ensure the car tires are properly inflated.


The Alfa line-up has expanded in the past few years. Several innovative and high-performance models have been added to the line.  Looking at its design features, and performance, this premium brand is giving head to head competition to German companies like Audi, and BMW. Backed by the reputation of Fiat, Alfa Romeo proves to be a good investment in 2020. 

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