Simple Ways You Can Avoid Distractions While Driving


Distracted driving is a curse that has the power to kill people at random or at the least cast injures to countless people on the road. It doesn’t only harm the people in the car that was driven carelessly but also the people who are around and not even a part of the flowing traffic. Accidents caused by distracted driving is something that could be avoided but happened due to the carelessness of the one who is sitting behind the wheels.

So, is there a way to avoid distractions while driving? Well, the experts of the Genesis dealer Deptford Township whom we asked the same, said, leaving few fateful happenings that are beyond human control, distracted driving can surely be avoided by following some thumb rules of driving. Their suggestions did make sense and inspired us enough to share the same with you.

Phenomenon of Distracted Driving

While trying to define in simple language the phenomenon of distracted driving, the experts referred every activity that cansnatch away the focus of the driver from the road and prompt to make a wrong driving decision leading towards a collision. This can be anything innocent like looking at the navigation map, reading the message on infotainment screen, using a GPS device, using the CD or MP3 player or something careless like eating or drinking, watching video, talking with passengers, paying more attention to the radioand brief grooming activity like brushing the hair or applying makeup. But the most frequent reason found in the last decade behind all distracted driving was operating the smartphone, like texting or talking on the phone.

Sometimes the source of distraction could be the road itself. There can be something interesting passing by that can distract the mind of the driver, it could be a hoarding or an address that the driver is trying to find that fixes up the driver’s eyes on the buildings and not on the road. So, how to avoid distracted driving? The experts suggest the following ways.

Follow the Thumb Rules

  • Everybody who drives a car is aware of the evil that can be caused by the cellphone. The first thumb rule should be being mentally and situationally prepared for using the cell phone only for emergencies, till you reach a safe place and park the car aside.
  • Charging the phone, keeping it ready for emergency use, or even shutting it off should not be done while driving, leave alone using it. As the cellphone lets you know who called you up or has sent a message, you can always call back, or reply later to the message, once you are off the driver’s seat.
  • If you need to operate the GPS at the middle of the road, you can always pull the car aside, operate the system and get back to the road.
  • Keep the music player volume low, so that you can hear the horns and other noises. Do not ever use earphones while driving.

The possibilities of distracted driving are immensely high for anyone who sits behind the wheel. But that cockpit brings with it lots of responsibilities that shouldn’t be forgotten or ignored by the driver.

To know about more such life saving driving techniques, do not hesitate to ask the experts of Genesis Deptford Township dealership.

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