Top 5 Tractors with a Capacity of 40 HP and More


Powerful tractors are expensive, and you may not always need the highest capacity. You may be unable to afford a tractor that has modern features and accessories. The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much land you have to cultivate. This will help you determine the horsepower (HP) that would be adequate to meet the requirements.

What is horsepower (HP)?

HP is the power that a tractor can deliver at the peak level. Generally, one HP is equivalent to 746 watts of power. A tractor with a lesser HP is beneficial to perform minor tasks like mowing the yard or pulling small trailers. Generally, tractors between 40 HP to 50 HP allow you to perform a wide range of farming activities, which proves their versatility.

Several companies offer tractors with a capacity of 40HP and more. Here are the top five models:

  1. Mahindra 575DI

Its features include a four-cylinder engine, 1900 rated rotations per minute (RPM), and 2730 CC capacity. Priced at INR 5.45 lakh, this 45 HP tractor easily works with heavy equipment, like rotavator, cultivator, and plow. You can purchase the 575DI with a tractor loan offered by non-banking financial companies (NBFCs).

  1. Massey Ferguson 241DI

This 42 HP tractor comes with a three-cylinder engine, delivering 2500 CC capacity. It contains sliding mesh and offers comfortable driving with adjustable seats and a raised platform. Buy this at INR 6 lakh with affordable tractor loan finance.

  1. Eicher 380

Eicher 380 is a stylish 40 HP tractor. It has a three-cylinder engine capacity of 2500 CC and delivers 2150 RPM. This tractor is fuel-efficient and comes with eight forward and two reverse gears. Eicher 380 costs INR 6.5 lakh. With competitive tractor loan interest rates, owing it is no longer a dream.

  1. Swaraj 744FE

This 48 HP three-cylinder engine machine is of superior quality.It has a capacity of 3136 CC.  Priced at INR 5.80 lakh, the Swaraj 744FE is fuel-efficient. You have the option to choose between dry disc brakes and oil-immersed brakes in this tractor.

  1. Mahindra 475DI

It is a 45HP tractor that is widely popular in India because of convenient seating and easy-to-reach levers, which make it suitable for longer periods. The four-cylinder engine has a capacity of 2730 CC and an RPM of 1900.Its features include a powerful hydraulic system, which comes with implements, like cultivator and gryovator. The tractor has eight forward and two reverse gears that are quite smooth. Its price is INR 5.40 lakh.

Buying the best tractor is possible with simple tractor loan eligibility norms and a hassle-free procedure. Lenders like Mahindra Finance offer such loans online with easy qualification criteria, higher amounts, and minimal tractor loan documents. For more information, visit their website.

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