What Are The Motorcycle Related Items To Bring On A Road Trip??


It’s a fact that there is no fun-filled adventure like the road trip on a two-wheeler. You get to feel the cool breeze, smell of followers, and drops of rain directly onto your skin. Besides having lots of advantages, motorcycle trips are not as simple as gassing up the car and heading off to your destination rather it requires a bit more forethought. After nailing down a destination, the next important thing is what to take with you on your hundreds of miles cross-state journey.

Motorcycles don’t have the luxury of space, this is why packing what you need for a trip in your motorcycle luggage becomes even more challenging. Although there is no definitive “right” list of things to have every time you hit the road for a few days, yet there are some essentials that you must have during your time on the road to keep your things and yourself safe. To help you in the effort of taking the right cargo on your bike trip, we have compiled a list of motorcycle trip planning essentials you should have before you head on down the highway.

Some documents related to a bike that you must stuff before other items:

1.   International Driver’s License:

If you are going on a cross country tour, this document is a must. Also, make sure yours has the motorcycle endorsement.

2.   Motorcycle Documents & Insurance:

Don’t forget to bring the original documents and an insurance card along with their copies.

3.   Carnet de Passage (Motorcycle passport):

This document is also important to keep with you because some countries demand this document on entry.

Some motorcycle safety gear you should bring with you:

1.   Helmet:

The first and foremost safety gear to bring is a motorcycle helmet. This is because helmets reduce the risk of death in an accident by 37% and the risk of incurring head injury by 69%. Peak versions of helmets are best for long trips. For backup, you can bring helmet parts and screws in your motorcycle saddlebag.

2.   Riding Jacket:

A motorcycle jacket will not only save you in the event of rain but allows you to continue your trip even in snowfall. Furthermore, the protective pads installed at the body parts that are likely to touch the ground first in an accident save you from serious injuries. Lastly, these jackets usually have venting for the flow of air that keeps you dry. You should also pack a rain suit with you on your bike tour.

3.   Riding Pants:

Motorcycle pants also have great significance as they are comfortable to ride in and have good knee protection. It would be a lot safer to wear knee braces along with riding pants.

4.   Motorcycle Gloves:

Like other safety gear, it is very important to bring at least two motorcycle gloves(a summer pair and a winter pair)  for the protection and safety of your hand.

5.   Motorcycle Boots:

Motorcycle boots are important for your ankle protection. Also, they are waterproof and comfortable to live with day in and day out. You can also use waterproof socks if boots are not waterproof.

Motorcycle maintenance items:


When hitting the road for at least a week-long odyssey on a full-blown touring bike, don’t forget to pack a motorcycle tool kit  (having all the tools for basic maintenance like changing oil, replacing the filter, changing brake lever, transmuting spark plug, etc) and a puncture kit if you want to save yourself from any kind of inconvenience while you are on the road.

Motorcycle spares:

Some must have spares for your road trip includes a spare Ignition key, cable lock for extra security, fuel transfer hose, engine oil, chain lube, master link, spare spark plugs (how many depends on your journey), extra oil filter, spare air filter, reserve brake pads, additional globes (1 front 1 rear), electrical insulation tape, a clutch and throttle cable, extra tire, and extra tube, and the parts that have been problematic on your specific motorcycle, and plan.

Packing for a motorcycle trip is a very arduous task especially when you are trying to bring every item that you will possibly need. Although there is a famous adage “less is more” when it comes to motorcycle packing, yet all the above items are very necessary for your long mesmerizing trip.

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