What are the things to keep in mind before buying used car?


Buying a used car is a smart decision in many ways. It saves the money as well as fulfill the dream of your favorite car what you can’t afford on showroom price. Used cars benefit you in several ways. It not only saves the money on the purchasing amount but also saves in many places like insurance amount, road tax, etc. The market for selling of old cars is vast. You can get used car from land based market as well as online also. The market of used cars in fort worth is very large. They sell old cars at good prices on big sale. Before purchasing the used car you should check few things so that you don’t get cheated by anyone. The most important thing is to check the history of the vehicle, try to cross- checked about it. Unfortunately there are some disturbing elements who are sitting there to cheat you in some way. It is necessary to find the history of the car so that no one can give you a stolen vehicle. Check the engine number of the car and match it from the insurance paper. This is the method of confirmation for the right vehicle.

Right Documentation

Ask the dealer or car owner to give the legal documents of the vehicle so that they get check by a trusted person. Ask the first owner to go to the RTO and inform them about selling of the car at least before fourteen days of buying. Check the certificate of registration of the vehicle what owner got from the RTO. This document informs you all the primary information about the car. The engine number and chassis number you will find on the paper, match them from the car. By doing this you will be sure about it. If in case you found a difference in engine number then ask this from the owner. Sometimes it happens after an accident the engine of the car gets crushed so that it gets replace by new engine. But it is the responsibility of the owner to change the number on the paper by informing it in RTO.  Ask the owner how many times has the car had an accident and also about number of claims on it.  

The value of the car decreases by how many times it has been claimed. Insurance papers give all the information about it. Check whether the payments of all premiums are done regularly or not. Tell him to show the service book also it will make you clear about the service of the vehicle. Check the road tax receipt also whether it is submitted or not.


Guide for Purchasing a Used Car

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